Couples Are Now Taking "Many-Moons" Instead of Honeymoons

Instead of one long honeymoon, more couples are taking a bunch of shorter "Many-Moons".

April 16, 2018
couple on honeymoon



Honeymoons are OUT.  The new trend is to take "many-moons"...  Where instead of taking one long trip to celebrate your wedding, you do a bunch of shorter trips together.

“I've seen more and more of my couples switching up the tradition of honeymooning for two weeks right after the wedding,” says Amy Shey Jacobs, a wedding planner with Chandelier Events. “Instead, they’re opting for multiple mini-vacations over the course of their first newlywed year.” Yes, instead of taking weeks off of work to go on one big trip after saying “I do,” couples are planning a series of smaller honeymoons to celebrate their new Mr. and Mrs. status.

So, how do you go about planning your “manymoons?” Sit down with your future spouse and think of your top five destinations each and see if any overlap, have similar vibes (i.e., food-focused) and if any spots are close to one another. Narrow it down to your top four or five and then get out a calendar.

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