Take A Look INSIDE The Closet Factory Showroom


October 16, 2020
The Closet Factory

I'm soooo excited to be working with The Closet Factory! I've decided I want to organize my pantry and the open area right outside my pantry.  My kitchen is small so I need to utilize all of the space that I have. I visited their showroom to get a better idea of what they do. I was so surprised to learn that they custom build everything.  They have so many fun ways to change up your space! They call it the "art of organization"!  

The Closet Factory can help you in every room of your home from your closets to home offices, garage, wall beds, entertainment centers, laundry room and more!

Find out more at ClosetFactory.com or call 314-961-4300 or find them on Facebook and Instagram!