This Weekend We Are Hunting For A Good Deal

Tax Free weekend allows for LOTS of fun shirts!

August 3, 2018
Leopard Boutique

Jamie Springer


I love buying fun shirts.  Fun shirts to me may be different to you, but that's what's so great about it - it's all about what YOU think is fun!  

So, I started wearing my fun shirts on Fridays and my co-workers joined along and now we have Fun Shirt Fridays!  

One of my favorite places to shop is Leopard Boutique and they always have fun shirts.  They decided to participate in Fun Shirt Fridays AND they are giving you a discount on any of their tops! 

Click HERE for the discount code (which is "summertops") and you get 20% off any of their tops with no minimums or limits!

Here's my fun shirt for this Friday:

"This is the perfect fun shirt to HUNT for good deals!" 

Leopard Boutique
Jamie Springer

Where do you get your fun shirts? Remember it can be any style and anywhere! Leave me a comment and follow along for Fun Shirt Friday on Y98's Instagram and my personal Instagram (@jilldevine1). 

It's tax free weekend and if you haven’t bought your back-to-school clothes yet, now is the time to save & shop! If you aren’t heading back to school and just want to do some shopping for yourself, that's okay too! BTW - they have lots of fun graphic tees to choose from! Both Leopard locations and all online purchases will be tax free (subject to municipality opt-out) Friday, August 3- Sunday, August 5.