Watch: Essential Oils And Their Benefits

I'm a fan of using essential oils.

September 20, 2018
Essential Oils



I’ve been using essential oils for quite some time.  I first started using them for the smell factor.  I liked being able to use them in a diffuser and make the house smell good.  Then I started doing more research on different benefits of essential oils and became a bigger fan.

I became obsessed with Pinterest and finding different “recipes” to diffuse the oil based on the need.  For example: if I wanted to get rid of “cooking” smells, I would find a recipe or if I wanted a peaceful night sleep, I would find a recipe or if I wanted to combat allergies and congestion, I would find a recipe for that.

Then I started learning about roller-ball blends and how applying the oils directly to your skin can help with a number of things – headaches, stress, anxiety, etc.  I haven’t invested as much time in roller-ball blends as I would like, but I’m hoping after baby #2 arrives, I will be able to.

When I went to Little Peek Boutique, I noticed an area dedicated to roller-ball blends and had to learn more: