WATCH: "After The Podcast" Shenanigans With Socially Jen & Co.

All the good stuff happens AFTER the podcast!

August 26, 2019

The women behind Socially Jen & Co. joined me for an episode of Two Kids and A Career.

We’re not regular moms... we are cool moms! Thanks for having us, @jilldevine! @twokidsandacareer is such an awesome outlet for working women + moms out there takin’ care of business every day. #twokidsandacareer #sociallyjenandco #digitalmarketing #stl #stlouis

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Jen Singleton, Alicia Underwood, and Becky Lairson are working moms, each with a unique story.  We talked about some of the things they struggle with as working moms, along with their thoughts on the digital world and how it impacts their personal life outside of work.  

After we had our "serious" talk on the podcast, it was time to have a little fun with Jen, Alicia, and Becky.  We played a game in which all three had to choose who would be the best fit for whatever scenario I threw their way.  For example, who would most likely hit on a Disney character at Disney Land? To see the answer, watch the video below!