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Jill Devine

27% Of Us Have Gone To A Destination Wedding

We had a destination wedding.

August 21, 2019

Have you ever gone to a destination wedding?  A survey of 1,500 Americans found 27% of us have.  The other 73% haven't, mainly because it's too expensive.  Here are five stats from the survey:


1.  The number one reason we don't go is the cost.  71% of people cited it as the main reason they'd skip it.  Not wanting to take time off work was next, followed by not liking the destination. - We got married in Mexico and including us, we had a total number of 40 guests attend.  It was a great turnout!


2.  50% of people said they probably wouldn't go to a wedding in another country, no matter how tight they were with the bride and groom. - We did have people express this concern and we did all we could to show them the work we did to make sure the resort was safe and they wouldn't feel unsafe.  Ultimately, it's not up to us if someone doesn't feel safe, but we didn't get mad if anyone used this as the reason they didn't come.


3.  66% of people said you shouldn't be expected to give a present if it's a destination wedding.  Just being there is enough. - 100% agree.  We told our guests no gifts because them spending money to be there was more than enough and the best gift we could receive.  


4.  The top reasons couples have destination weddings are to save money by honeymooning in the same place, to check a destination off their bucket list, and to LIMIT the number of guests. - We both wanted to get married on a beach, so a destination wedding was always something we wanted.  


5.  The average destination wedding actually costs LESS than other weddings do.  $28,000, compared to the national average of just over $35,000 for normal weddings.  Again, the guest count usually has something to do with it. - We were shocked at how much our wedding was ... shocked at how inexpensive it was compared to our family and friends who got married in town.