WATCH: St. Louis Is Now Home To The First Center For Plant-Based Living

What an exciting time for STL Veg Girl and St. Louis!

August 13, 2019

In the St. Louis area, most people know Caryn Dugan as STL Veg Girl, but now she will be famous for something else.

Today, the country will no longer be without a fully plant-based nutrition and culinary education center because of Caryn's work and dedication.  The Center for Plant-based Living is officially open and located at 131 West Jefferson Avenue in Kirkwood.  This is a place you can go to learn more about living a plant-based life, whether you want to go 100% vegan or just adopt a few meatless meals to your weekly dinner recipes. 

Caryn's new center will host weekly cooking classes and educational seminars.  

From Caryn's website:

In 2011, the same year I founded STL Veg Girl, I had a crazy thought, that someday there should be one place, a building, a center where you could learn about what a plant-based diet is, how and why that might be a good thing in your life and where you can find continual: resources, education, inspiration, motivation and support. In 2017, still no such place existed, so I started saving. In early 2019 the perfect little space opened in downtown Kirkwood (A bustling neighborhood  in the middle of  St. Louis, MO) and I grabbed it. 

I'm intrigued by Caryn and all she is doing, so I decided to reach out and see if she would let me take a tour of The Center For Plant-Based Living and she graciously said YES!  She even let me do some cooking (and if you know anything about me, that was a brave move on her part!).