Phones In Class Cost College Kids Half A Grade On Exams

Cell phones and classrooms don't mix.

July 30, 2018



For college kids, checking your phones during lecture classes isn't just a harmless distraction.

According to a new study from Rutgers University, keeping your devices open during class for non-academic use can actually lead to lower grades. Researchers found that when students in an upper-level lecture course were allowed to use phones and laptops in class, they scored about a half a letter grade lower on tests than students who were not allowed to keep any devices open during class.

Says lead study researcher Arnold Glass, "These findings should alert the many dedicated students and instructors that dividing attention is having an insidious effect that is impairing their exam performance and final grade." When asked if the same findings would probably apply in high-school and middle-school classes, Glass added, "No doubt, absolutely, for sure."