An Open Letter To P!nk

So many things I need to say!

March 13, 2018
Jan 28, 2018; New York, NY, USA; Recording artist P!nk performs Wild Hearts Can t be Broken during the 60th Annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY

Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY


Dear P!nk,

I’ve never done this before. 

I’ve never written a letter to an artist about the impact their music had on me.  I’ve seen tons of these types of letters because I’ve been in the radio business for 20 years, but I’ve never been inclined to write one. 

Music speaks to people in different ways and sometimes it takes being in a certain place in your life to really “hear” what the music is saying.  I’m in that place and I needed your music more than I realized.  So, I’m writing my first open letter to an artist whose music has had an impact on my life. 

In anticipation of your show in St. Louis tomorrow, (and with a nudge from my best friend who was seeing you in a different city) I decided to spend some time with your latest album, Beautiful Trauma.  Holy s***.  I don’t think I’ve ever cried while listening to an album like I cried while listening to Beautiful Trauma. 

Obviously I don’t know you personally, but based on some of the things I’ve read about you and through your song lyrics, I feel like I know you.  From what I’ve learned about you, it appears you have a complicated relationship with your husband.  At first, this surprised me. Most celebrities make it seem like they have it all – there’s no drama, sadness, complications, or negativity in their lives.  That’s just stupid. It’s unfortunate that a lot of this boasting happens on social media and it becomes the norm. That’s not real and it creates these unrealistic social media standards we feel like we have to live up to and that’s where the struggle comes.  If no one talks about what is really happening – the good, bad, AND ugly – you think you’re the crazy one.  So, I would like to thank you for letting us into your life – the good, bad, AND ugly.

BTW - who the hell led us to believe that once you get married, you would get the house with the white picket fence and that having kids would be easy and all would be fantastic?  They can suck it. Marriage is tough. It takes work.  LOTS of work.  And motherhood …where do I begin? It’s days stumbling around in a fog from total sleep deprivation, it’s wondering if I’m doing anything right or if I’m screwing up my kid for life, and it’s lots of worrying accompanied by constantly Googling, “why does my kid (fill in the blank).”

I wish more celebs would follow in your footsteps and talk about the complicated things because it does help us “regular people.” We shouldn’t be afraid to have discussions about our struggles with others. 

I felt like Beautiful Trauma was our discussion - our cup-of-coffee-catching-up-with-a-good-friend moment – and I feel a little less like the crazy one in the bunch. 

Thank you for being honest.  Thank you for being you.  AND thank you for not giving a ____. 


Jill, the girl who will be crying in her seat during your show, but guess what … I’m learning to not give a ____ too.