Is Netflix your go-to when it comes to watching TV?

We don't have cable or satellite.

July 5, 2018
Netflix Watching



My sister and I were talking last night about some shows she's watching on cable.  She knows we don't have cable, but she said to be on the lookout for these shows to pop up on Hulu.

Our conversation made me think about how many people still use broadcast and cable TV AND ironically, I found results of a survey about this very thing

A new survey asked people what platforms they use most often to view content on TV, and Netflix was #1, at 27%.  Basic cable finished second with 20%, followed by broadcast with 18%, and YouTube with 11%.

Traditional methods did even worse among the 18 to 34 crowd.  Almost 40% of them chose Netflix, followed by YouTube with 17%, basic cable with 12.6%, Hulu with 7.6% and broadcast TV with 7.5%.

What is your go-to for TV watching?