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Meghan Markle Slammed For Excessive Baby-Bump Cradling At British Fashion Awards

I can't believe this is even a headline.

December 12, 2018

Meghan Markle's got baby bump fever, and now she's getting slammed online for the way she appeared to cradle her baby bump with two hands nonstop at the British Fashion Awards in London on Monday night.

"Cupping the bump? WHO DOES THIS?" one irate Twitter critic ranted. "Who the hell does she think she is, Madonna and child? Something VERY creepy going on in this woman's head."

Another Twitter user said of her double-fisted baby-bump cradling, "Seriously, no pregnant woman poses for [a] photo like this. Ever. She’s such an actress."

Yahoo notes that all the anti-Markle baby-bump shaming is reminiscent of the heat Khloe Kardashian took earlier this year when she was pregnant with daughter True Thompson. Khloe clapped back at the time, "I choose to cradle my bump because it’s MINE. I’ve waited for this VERY short moment for YEARS. I have only months to enjoy this phase in my life, so I will touch my bump and love my bump as often as I choose."

I'm seriously disgusted that people have the nerve to critique a pregnant woman who cradles her baby bump.  Ridiculous.