Jill Devine's New Podcast, "Two Kids and A Career"

I hope you will give it a shot.

May 14, 2019
Two Kids and A Career



“Two Kids and A Career” is a podcast I’ve been wanting to do for a couple years and it’s finally happening! 

When asked to describe the podcast:

“… it’s about juggling motherhood and family life with a career.  It also goes beyond that.  We will have real conversations about topics that some women are scared to have for fear of being shamed or judged.  Some of these conversations are the most important to be had so you know you aren’t alone.”

“Episode One: The Launch!” explains it more in detail and how it came to fruition. 

All I want is to have real conversations and if I can help just ONE person, I will be happy (but I really hope I can help many people).   

Right now I have four episodes up and ready for you to take a listen.  Click HERE to access them from Radio.com - 

"Episode Two – The Animal Welfare Industry and Family Life" 

"Episode Three – Infertility Talk" 

"Episode Four – Hoda Kotb Should Be My Friend"

I hope you will tune in every week for a new episode. Thanks in advance for giving me and this podcast a shot. 

You can find the podcast on iTunes, Google Play Store, and the Radio.com app.