Jennifer Garner Shares What She Wants Her Kids to Learn From Farm Life

She has some great tips.

August 15, 2018
Jennifer Garner



Jennifer Garner has opened up about why she wants her and Ben Affleck's children to spend time outside the city.

"I want them to know that my mother was happy and free on the farm," she tells Southern Living magazine. "I want them to know that you don’t need things to keep you occupied. I think that the only real way to understand a concept like that is to live it, so I guess we’d better head to the farm more often!"

Jennifer also shares that she's trying to pass on the healthy-eating habits she learned from her mother. "They are not nearly as finicky as I was, but their pickiness still drives me nuts," she admits. "I do my very best to take my cues from my mom and put good food in front of them and let it be from there. I am not always successful. Oh--and I also try to have a plate of fresh cut-up veggies on the counter for them to munch on while I am finishing dinner. Mom did that too."