It's National Cheese Day!

Here Are Our Favorite and Least Favorite Kinds of Cheese.

June 4, 2018



Today is National Cheese Day!  It's not like I need a reason to celebrate, but I will! 

According to a new survey, 23% of Americans almost always add cheese to their food.  17% also said they'd add cheese to EVERY meal if it wasn't bad for their health.

Our five favorite types of cheese are cheddar with 17% of the vote, mozzarella, 15%, American, 14%, pepper jack, 11%, and provolone, 8%.

Blue Cheese is the cheese we like the least.  25% of people said it's their least favorite, followed by limburger, 17%, goat cheese, 16%, American, 13%, and Swiss, 8%.  

Even though I like spicy food, I don't like pepper jack.  It's my least favorite cheese.  

My favorite cheese - that's tough.  It depends on the day:)!