Half of People Haven't Traveled Out of the Country Since They Got a Pet

Do you feel like your pet holds you back from traveling?

July 18, 2018



Is your dog keeping you from seeing the world?

According to a new study, half of Americans say they haven't traveled outside of the country since they got a pet.

The study also found one in three people have changed their travel plans because of their pet and 87% worry about how their pets are doing when they're away from them on vacation.

Honestly, Apple has made me rethink certain plans and of course I have thought about her when I was on vacation.  However, I wouldn't let a dream vacation pass through my fingertips because of her because I know she would be in good hands.  

The thing with pets, they don't understand that you ARE coming back or do they?  That's what always bothered/bothers me with leaving Apple for multiple days.