The Five Foods That Are Most Likely To Make You Sick

August 30, 2018
Grilled Chicken



The CDC recently looked at more than five years of stats on food poisoning and how many outbreaks there have been. 

They put out a definitive list of the foods that are most likely to get you sick.

The food that causes the most cases of food poisoning is chicken, partly because we eat so much of it.  So you're more likely to encounter an old batch, or chicken that's been undercooked.

Here are the five foods that are most likely to make you ill:

1.  Chicken.  3,114 cases of food poisoning reported.

2.  Pork.  2,670.

3.  Seeded vegetables like peppers and cucumbers.  2,572 illnesses.

4.  Eggs.  2,470.

5.  Fruit.  2,420 illnesses reported.

The rest of the top ten are leafy vegetables, beef, turkey, dairy and fish.