A Father’s Day Idea All Will Love

My mom came up with the best idea.

June 13, 2018
Ice Cream



Father’s Day is this Sunday and I have a great idea for you!  I can’t take credit for the idea because my mom came up with it, but I can share it with you.

We're going to my parents’ house for dinner on Sunday and as my mom, sister and I were emailing about who is bringing what, I offered to bring dessert.  My mom responded and said “No need to bring dessert because I decided we are having an ice cream sundae bar.”  What the what?!?!  This is something new and oh so exciting!  My mom said she had no idea how she came up with the idea, but it just came to her. 

When I told Brian about the ice cream sundae bar, he was like a little kid – full of excitement and giddy about the possibilities of what would be at the ice cream sundae bar.  Lu is going to be equally as excited!

I think an ice cream sundae bar is a genius idea because everyone likes ice cream and everyone gets to make it the way they want it!

Happy Father's Day!