Don't Judge People Who Drink On Planes In The Morning

Is it ever too early to have a drink on a plane?

November 9, 2018

On Wednesday, MSNBC anchor Katy Tur tweeted with astonishment that "some dude just ordered a gin and tonic on my flight back to NYC. It's 7:17 a.m."

People then replied in horror--not because the guy was drinking at that hour, but because he wasn't drinking rum, whiskey or a Bloody Mary instead. As Extra Crispy observes, this all goes to show that people shouldn't be judged for their behavior at airports or on airplanes, writing, "In an airport, you rarely know where someone's been, where they're ending up, what's taking them there, or what time it is in their psyche or circadian rhythm. People travel for pleasure, business, obligations, curiosity, grief, and a world of reasons. Some of them bring out the joie de vivre, boredom, or terror within us, and a drink may quell or amplify that."

I would really like a Bloody Mary right this second.