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Dads Line Up to Cheer On Elementary School Kids on First Day of School

August 13, 2018

I absolutely love this story! 

Even though most dads may have bad jokes and dance moves they are always our biggest fans. Check out how a group of dads are celebrating students first day of school. 

Broward Elementary School started their first day of class with a line of dads cheering, clapping, and giving students high-fives in the hallways.

According to WTSP it's all part of the new initiative called 'Million Father March' to encourage dads and father figures to be involved in their students' education.

Broward dads brought their kids to school, grabbed a free breakfast, and walked them to their classrooms.

"The male presence is extremely powerful and we're trying to encourage our students," Broward ES Counselor Rennex Franklin said.

Organizers for the event say that the presence of positive male role models will help set the students up for success. They also hope to set up an 'All Pro Dads' chapter at Broward starting this year.

"Some dads don't have their dads to bring them to school," James Robinson, one of the fathers who participated in the event said. "For me, I had my dad there, and my mom too, so it's important that I'm always there for [my child>."

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