Christmas Gifts Teachers Don't Want

I need advice, please!

December 3, 2018



I'm still new to the world of giving gifts to teachers. 

I want to make sure I give Lu's teachers something they will appreciate, but I also need to be thrifty because there are a lot of awesome people we will be giving gifts to this Holiday season.  I have searched Pinterest tons of times for "teacher gifts" and found some great ideas, but sometimes I don't know if it's truly what teachers want.  

In my searching, I did find what teachers DON'T want.  Here are some highlights:


A resounding please, no! to this one. You don't know their size or their style or what kinds of materials they hate ... so skip the sweaters this year.

Smelly Lotions

Yes, lotions are cheap and easy. But don't you think all the other moms know this, too? Teachers get a million of these, and a lot of them won't be used because of the strong scents.

Makeup Kits

Another one that is just way too personal to gift to a teacher whose beauty preferences are unknown. 

Hand Sanitizer

It may seem useful and thoughtful, but teachers have their own methods of boosting their immunity and staying germ-free and likely won't dig a perfume-y sanitizer as a gift. 

Click HERE for the full list!

I think it's best to go ahead and ask teachers - what would you like from your students?