Are Leopard-Printed Dresses This Year's Hottest Summer Fashion Trend?

Check out details about the fashion trend for this summer.

July 11, 2019

Getty Images


According to The Wall Street Journal, the leopard-printed midi skirt is this year's hottest summer fashion trend.

I didn't know what a "midi skirt" was, so I looked it up and from Her Style Code:

As its title suggests, a midi skirt is a skirt with a length that’s in between that of a mini skirt and a maxi skirt.

With this in mind, the newspaper took a look back at the biggest viral summer fashion trends in recent memory:

  • 2019: Leopard-printed midi
  • 2018: Flouncy white top
  • 2017: Tiny sunglasses
  • 2016: Blue off-the-shoulder dress
  • 2015: Knee-high gladiator sandals