Angelina Jolie Might Sue Brad Pitt For Palimony

It's getting uglier each day.

August 10, 2018
Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie



Sources tell The Blast that Angelina Jolie is considering suing estranged ex Brad Pitt for palimony.

The Oscar-winning actress would go after all the money Brad Pitt made throughout their entire relationship, not just during the two years at the end when they were actually married.

Pitt is reportedly worth $240 million, while Jolie's only got $160 million to her name. The divorcing couple have been arguing over finances and custody all week, with the actress accusing Pitt of contributing "no meaningful child support," a claim the actor denied; in fact, he countered that he'd paid more than $9 million in child support to his ex.