21 Of The Worst TV Storylines We Forced Ourselves To Watch In 2018

FYI - some if this may be a spoiler alert.

December 3, 2018



BuzzFeed has asked its readers to dish on the worst TV storylines they watched this year. Here are 10 of the best answers:

  1. The disappointing end to American Horror Story: Apocalypse. "I hated the ending of AHS this season and the more I think about it the less it makes sense. The time travel, the extra random characters and the fact that the entire season meant nothing because it was undone in the last episode. Everything just felt super rushed, sloppy and underwhelming coming from such a dramatic buildup all season."
  2. Everything about the second season of 13 Reasons Why. "The second season of 13 Reasons Why was a train wreck. Most of the episodes completely took away from the original storyline. Like Clay and Hannah getting high together? Zach and Hannah having a relationship? Hannah and Bryce hanging out? Sorry, there's no way those things happened and Season 1 still plays out the way it does."
  3. Randall's bizarre political campaign on This Is Us. "I’m having a really hard time with Randall’s campaign on This is Us. It’s weird and I feel like it doesn't fit into the show."
  4. The possibility of Haley getting back together with Dylan on Modern Family. "If she was gonna get back with an ex, it should’ve been Andy! Andy, dammit!"
  5. Jackson's sudden religious crisis on this season of Grey's Anatomy. "I hated Jackson's storyline on Grey's this season. For him to just suddenly have a crisis of faith after almost being hit by a car, ESPECIALLY after all the crap he went through with April really upset me. All of it was super out of character for him and I'm so over it."
  6. The inability of Fiona to grasp how terrible Ford really is on Shameless"Even before Fiona caught Ford living with his wife, he was a terrible boyfriend and a piece of s**t. And she doesn't even realize it!"
  7. The confusing mess that was the gargoyle king storyline on Riverdale"Okay but seriously, WTF is happening on Riverdale? I feel like the writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this whole gargoyle king thing. It's all really unfortunate."
  8. The confusing timelines on Season 2 of Westworld. "I consider myself a smart TV viewer most of the time but the whole season made me feel dumb because I couldn't keep track of all the timelines."
  9. The disappointing second season of Dynasty"Season 2 has been a hot, disappointing mess and things haven't made sense. Like Blake being so devastated over Cristal's death when they so obviously hated each other, or Fallon wanting to sell CA out from under her dad after fighting so hard for control."
  10. The sheer craziness that was Insatiable"Insatiable is literally the worst and stupidest show to ever exist. It was supposed to be about a girl who was plus size and then became skinny after having her jaw wired shut. But then she does some batshit crazy stuff, like killing two people. The rest of the characters are also insane."

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