Backstreet Boys


14 Backstreet Boys Fans Were Hospitalized

Scary times this past weekend in Oklahoma.

August 20, 2018

A Backstreet Boys show in Oklahoma had to be canceled on Saturday, after more than a dozen people were hospitalized.

The boys were supposed to play an outdoor venue at the Colosseum at WinStar World Casino and Resort, but staff started clearing people out due to heavy rain and 80-mile-per-hour winds.

About 150 people decided not to leave, which was obviously a mistake.  The wind pushed over a large metal structure, injuring at least 14 people.

The Backstreet Boys issued a statement saying, quote, "We never want to put our fans in harm's way and with tonight's weather and the injuries from earlier, we have decided to cancel the show and will attempt to reschedule.  The most important thing is for everyone to get home safely and we will see you all very soon."