10 Snow Day Activities For Kids

November 15, 2018
Snow Day



Besides sliding down Art Hill for 12 hours straight here are a few ideas to keep those kiddos busy this weekend!

Thanks to HerViewFromHome, here are a few ideas to keep the kiddos occupied and well let's be honest, not drive you insane too. 

1.) Make Use of the Snow 

Might as well embrace the snow. Toss your kiddos outside with a shovel and have them shovel the driveway and sidewalks. Great way for them to earn a little cash too! 

2.) Maple Syrup Goodness 

This makes another sweet snack for your kids. Boil real maple syrup for 10 minutes, stirring often. Then carefully take the syrup outside. Have your kids find a smooth, clean area and pour the syrup into the snow. Have fun and draw your kids’ names in the snow with it. Just be sure the syrup has cooled before picking it up and nibbling on it. You can find another recipe at Family Go.Com

3.) Snow Fort 

Too cold to go outside? Make a fort inside, using blankets and pillows and watch a movie from the fort!

4.) Snowman Marshmallows 

Marshmallow snowmen: put three jumbo marshmallows on a plate to create the snowman’s body. Add chocolate chips for eyes and buttons and a butterscotch chip for the nose. Then, stick the whole thing in the microwave for about 7 seconds. Take out and attach thin pretzel sticks for arms. Then, enjoy this gooey treat!

5.) Polar Express 

Create a train like atmosphere with your furniture. Have your kids make train tickets. Then read the story and let their imagination take off. My kids love playing “train” or “Polar Train.” 

6.) Spa Day

I have two girls, we round up our mani & pedi supplies and stake out a place near the fireplace.

7.) Game On

Mostly boys? They love competition, consider a Wii tournament or UNO. 

8.) Make Snow Ice Cream 

Scoop up snow in waffle cones or cups. 

1/2 cups half & half or whole milk

1/4 cup sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

4 cups of clean snow or shaved ice

Blend the milk, sugar and vanilla together until the sugar dissolves.  Mix 4 cups of snow and stir until you get the same consistency of ice cream.  Add toppings or chocolate syrup to make a Snow Sundae!  

9.) Have an indoor picnic 

Who needs a table and nice cooked meals? Make cookies and other finger foods ahead of time and let your kids decide where (within reason) to picnic. 

10.) Treasure Hunt 

Hide something in your house.  Then post clues for your kids to find them.  

OR – just play ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ telling your kids they’re getting ‘warmer’ when they’re getting closer and ‘colder’ when they’re walking away from the ‘treasure.’ 

OR – Have one of your older kids hide a treasure and draw a ‘map’ of how to find it.  

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