The Worst Albums Of All Time

Are these really the WORST albums EVER??!!

August 15, 2018



the Worst Albums of All Time is Topped by . . . Your Man Kevin Federline!!!

You'd expect a list with a title like "The 41 Worst Albums of All Time" to be pretty subjective.  But this particular list was compiled using, so there are actual numbers to back it up.

Here's the Top 10...

1.  "Playing with Fire", Kevin Federline  (2006)

2.  "Results May Vary", Limp Bizkit  (20003)

3.  "Famous First Words", Viva Brother  (2011)

4.  "Testify", Phil Collins  (2002)

5.  "One", Dirty Vegas  (2004)

6.  "Rebirth", Lil Wayne  (2010)

7.  "Nine Track Mind", Charlie Puth  (2016)

8.  "Slick Dogs and Ponies", Louis XIV  (2008)

9.  "Life on Display", Puddle of Mudd  (2003)

10.  "Fortune", Chris Brown  (2012)

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