What We Would Give Up To Not Get Sick

What would you give up to NOT get sick?

November 8, 2019

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Here are five tough sacrifices, and how many of us would be willing to go without them for a full year, if it meant we wouldn't get sick...

1.  Our vacation time.  37% said they'd give it up.

2.  Social media.  36% would give it up for a year to not get sick.

3.  Your favorite food, 33%.

4.  Sleeping in on weekends, 31%.

5.  Your favorite TV show, 31%.

48% of people also said that if a coworker was obviously sick and showed up for work, they'd tell them to go home.

82% would be annoyed even if a coworker showed up with a cough.

And 41% of us would rather take on another person's ENTIRE workload for a week than have them come to work sick. 

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