Ways To Relieve Your Work From Home Fatigue

Are you TIRED of working from home?

September 3, 2020
working from home

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At first, the set up may have sounded ideal: no commute, sweat pants all day and a break from heading into the office. But as the pandemic lingers, with no definitive end in sight, fatigue and burnout have surfaced as an important issues affecting many remote employees.  As the world continues to function in this new pandemic era, here are six tactics to help alleviate work-from-home stress and technology exhaustion.

1. Switch to phone calls instead of video conferences.

2. Reduce multi-tasking.

3. Schedule fewer meetings.

4. Take micro-breaks.

5. Stick to your pre-COVID work routine (even the commuting time).

6. Figure out your body’s energy rhythm, and plan accordingly.  

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