Watch: Josh Gad's Daughter's Meltdown Makes It Into "Frozen 2"

Producers used a meltdown video from Josh Gad's daughter to inspire a scene in "Frozen 2"

January 17, 2020
Josh Gad

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Four years ago, JOSH GAD's daughter got REALLY upset when she realized she wasn't going to be a kid forever.  Josh showed video of her meltdown to the "Frozen" people, and they made it part of Olaf's journey in the sequel.

Four years ago, during dinner one night our beautiful little girl had a huge epiphany that shook her to her core...we all have to grow up. This heartbreaking moment is something I never shared publicly before because it was so personal. Our Nanny at the time, Sara, did such a remarkable job helping guide her through this difficult “coming of age” moment and I constantly look back at it as a reminder of the fragility of youth and our struggle to make sense of our place in this rapid world. It just so happens that I shared this video with our brilliant Frozen 2 team at the time and said, I believe this should be Olaf’s journey in Frozen 2. I’m beyond grateful they felt the same way because growing up is so very hard and all of us have this moment at some point in our lives. I’m also beyond thankful that we were able to capture such a monumental moment and that I can share it now with all of you who either have children or were once children asking that very same question...”why do I have to be a grownup?” Hope you take from it as much as I have. As a side note, that is the voice of my other child in the bg missing the plot completely and focusing instead on watching a DVD of “Peter Pan.”

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