Watch: "Best Man Ask" With Jon Stewart And Dave Chappelle

Check out a guy asking a friend to be his best man, with the help of Jon Stewart And Dave Chappelle!

June 15, 2018

(Photo by Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports)


A guy recently asked his buddy to be his best man with an assist from JON STEWART.  And the story of how it went down is pretty great.

The groom's name is Jay, and he couldn't get his friend Timmy G. to answer his phone, because he was at a Celtics playoff game last month.

So Jay somehow got Jon Stewart to do the "best man ask" for him on video that same night, and posted it online.

Then after that, Timmy heard Jon and DAVE CHAPPELLE were performing nearby.  So he pulled some strings, went backstage, and got BOTH of them to do a video where he accepts.