The Things That Affect How Much The Tooth Fairy Pays Out

Some things that affect how much the Tooth Fairy pays out are...

August 20, 2019

(Getty Images)


How does the Tooth Fairy decide what a tooth is worth?  Here are the top five things she looks at, in order...

1.  How much spare cash the "Tooth Fairy" has on hand.  It's the top thing that affects how much kids get per tooth.

2.  The child's age.  If they're older, they might get a little more.

3.  How much the child's parents got from the Tooth Fairy when THEY were kids.

4.  How well behaved they've been.  The Tooth Fairy pays attention to it, just like Santa.

5.  How many total teeth they've lost.  She tends to pay more for a FIRST lost tooth than a third or fourth one. 

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