Tasks We Are Uncomfortable With Robots Doing for Us

Here are a few tasks that we DON'T want a robot for...

October 23, 2019

(Getty Images)


A new survey asked people about the tasks that they WOULDN'T want a robot to do...

1.  Change your baby's diaper.  42% said no way.

2.  Make your family an entire dinner.  40% aren't on board with it.

3.  Clean up after your dog, 35%. 

4.  Drive your kids to school.  35% still aren't cool with tossing kids in a self-driving car.

5.  Cleaning the bathroom.  29% wouldn't trust a robot to do a good job.

6.  Folding clothes.

7.  Making your bed.

8.  Cleaning the fridge.

9.  Cleaning the oven.

10.  Washing dishes.

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