Watch: Sharon Stone's Guide To Making A Panic Room In Your Bathroom

Sharon Stone has a GUIDE for making a PANIC ROOM in your bathroom??!!

June 3, 2020
Sharon Stone

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Sharon Stone went on Instagram to tell everyone NOT to be "overreactive" to the chaos happening around them.  BUT you should consider creating a PANIC ROOM in your house to protect yourself.

She even filmed a handy step-by-step tutorial with SIX easy steps...

1.  First, determine the best room in your house for a panic room.  Sharon suggests a bathroom for three reasons:  It probably has the "least windows" . . . you may feel "the most tucked-in there" . . . and it's the place you can "lock yourself in the most." 

2.  Make it comfortable, by placing some blankets and pillows in the tub.  She doesn't say what to do if it's just a half-bath . . . but we're assuming you can just lay the blankets on the floor next to the toilet.

Comfort is important . . . quote, "In case you're going to need to sleep there . . . if you feel like you might get broken into . . . or if you have nowhere else to go, especially if you're trying to self-quarantine."

3.  Stock up on food and water.  Sharon suggests bringing a cooler for water, and, quote, "a few non-perishable things that you can eat . . . some fruit or some protein bars." 

4.  Don't forget your technology.  Be sure to bring your "computer and cell phone chargers in there," along with your computer itself, and your "extra cell phone."

5.  Block ANY means of entry.  Some bathrooms DO have a window, and if that's the case, Sharon says you'll want to board that up.

6.  Finally, DON'T PANIC in this new panic room.  And if you think you're going to panic, be sure to also have your panic medications with you.

She ends by saying, quote, "Stay safe, don't be over-reactive.  This will come and go, like all things do."

Make a safe room here’s how --------

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