Jen Myers: We Need To Talk About Boobs

October 5, 2018
Jen Myers

Jen Myers


To this message, which I receive all the time: NO. 

Instead, can we talk for a minute? 

Girls AND guys? 

We need to talk about BOOBS. 

Why are we so scared to talk about them? Why are we hiding messages in DMs and hiding the breast cancer discussion with a single heart posted in our status updates? You wouldn’t do that if you thought you had brain cancer or skin’d talk to someone. Why are we so ashamed to talk about breast cancer? 

By not openly discussing it, women don’t talk about what it feels like to have a lump in their breast. It felt like a frozen pea under my skin. I told myself it was a clogged milk duct, from when I breastfed my daughter (another thing we shouldn’t feel weird talking about). I thought it would go away. It didn’t. My husband finally told me to stop feeling the lump and stop praying it would go away, and get it checked out. 

I had a mammogram when I turned 40, and showed no signs of breast cancer. I was diagnosed a year later, with no family history. I never thought it would happen to me. 

Did you know younger women tend to have more aggressive forms of breast cancer? I didn’t. Mine was grade 3 (the most aggressive), and stage 3. 

Our embarrassment with talking about breasts is killing our moms, our sisters, and our friends. 

If you are 40 or older, get a mammogram. Yearly. Don’t be afraid to talk with your friends, your partner, or your loved ones about the lump you feel. Get it checked out. If it’s nothing, you lose a few hours out of your day instead of hours, weeks, months, and years of treatment. 

Your heart is in the right place when you send the ❤️ message, but send this one instead. 

Your friend Jen