The Important Phrases To Use In Your Relationship

Some key phrases you should be using more in your relationship include...

June 13, 2019

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Here are some key phrases you should be saying in your realtionship to keep it healthy...

1.  "I like you just the way you are."  You shouldn't try to force each other to change too much . . . because it probably won't happen regardless.  So work on accepting them.  And earn some brownie points by saying it out loud every now and then.

2.  "Tell me all about it."  When they're dealing with something stressful, remember to practice your listening skills . . . ask questions . . . and don't interrupt too much.  Sometimes you just need to listen.

3.  "How can I help?"  Don't just try to fix things by guessing what they need, ask them.  Because sometimes you CAN'T fix things.  Again, they just need you to listen.

4. "I'm so lucky to be with you."  You've probably said it before.  But reminding them won't hurt.  It's important for THEM to hear it.  And it's important to hear YOURSELF say it every now and then.

5.  "I was wrong, you were right."  We all mess up sometimes, but don't always acknowledge it.  Which builds resentment.  So when you realize you were wrong, tell them you were.  And don't forget to tack on the "you were right" part when it applies.

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