"How Do You Microwave A Turkey?" Thanksgiving Prank

The hot prank this Thanksgiving is asking your mom how to MICROWAVE a turkey??!!

November 19, 2018

(Photo by Ssuaphoto/Dreamstime.com)


People are texting their moms right now, asking them for advice on how to cook their Thanksgiving turkey in the MICROWAVE.

And even though you CAN technically cook a turkey in the microwave . . . your mom will find it SACRILEGIOUS for you to do it.  Here are some of the best mom responses people have shared...

1.  "You don't put a [g** d*mn> turkey in the microwave.  I'm leaving to take grandpa to the doctors.  Do not call me, you're stressing me out."

2.  "That's all I ever wished for.  A kid who is famous for cooking a rubbery salmonella-ridden carcass in an idiot microwave."

3.  "You should be in charge of napkins or wine or something."

4.  "Don't ever get married."