Celebrity Couples Who Got Married Or Engaged On Valentine's Day

Celebrity couples who either got married or engaged on Valentine's Day include...

February 14, 2019

(Photo by Krista Kennell/Sipa Press)


Is it corny to make the Big Leap on Valentine's Day, or is it the most romantic thing you can do?  Some celebrities bought into the romance.  Here are 13 Couples Who Got Married or Engaged on Valentine's Day:

1.  Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart:  Engaged 2009.  Married June 2010.  Still together.

2.  Elton John and a female recording engineer named Renate Blauel:  Married 1984.  Yes, Elton was once married to a woman.  Obviously, it didn't work out.

3.  Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney:  Engaged 2015.  This one didn't make it to the altar.

4.  Benedict Cumberbatch and director Sophie Hunter:  Married 2015.  Still together.

5.  Christina Aguilera and guitarist Matthew Rutler:  Engaged 2014.  Still together, but not married yet.

6.  Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan:  Married 1991.  They split in 2000, after Meg had an affair with Russell Crowe.

7.  Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault:  Married 2009.  Still together.

8.  Vince Vaughn and real estate agent Kyla Weber:  Engaged 2009.  Married January 2010.  Still together.

9.  Liberty Ross and music exec Jimmy Iovine:  Married 2016.  Liberty was freed up to marry Jimmy after her previous husband, director Rupert Sanders, had an affair with Kristen Stewart.

10.  Tyrese Gibson and social worker Samantha Lee:  Married 2017.  Still together.

11.  Adriana Lima and NBA star Marko Jaric:  Married 2009.  They separated in 2014, and divorced in 2016 . . . even though she SAVED HERSELF for him.

12.  Keri Russell and carpenter Shane Deary:  Married 2007.  Separated in 2013.

13.  Sharon Stone and journalist Phil Bronstein:  Married 1998.  Divorced in July 2003.

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