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End your kid's screen time without a meltdown with this tip

April 22, 2019

(KYKY) — Does your kid throw a tantrum because you've turned off their TV/iPad/video game/etc.?

There's a scientific reason for that, Lifehacker notes: "While watching a show or playing a game, our brains produce dopamine, a 'happy' hormone. When screen time ends, the dopamine levels fall."

So how can you end your kid's screen session without a meltdown?

Try this trick: Sit down next to your child and watch with them (or watch them play) for the final minute or so. Then ask him or her a question about it, like, "Why is Daniel Tiger's mom so mad?" By making yourself a part of your child's screen-time world, you'll make their transition away from the screen less abrupt. 

Watch kids meltdown after their parents turn off the TV in a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live:

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