Watch: Criminal Falls Through Store Ceiling

A woman falls through the ceiling of a store trying to escape the police.

July 2, 2018


his was everywhere over the weekend.  It's over two minutes of surveillance video from a convenience store in Edmonton, Canada.  It shows a couple attempting to get away from the police after the guy used a stolen credit card. 

It includes footage from different locations in the store.  You see a police officer and a good Samaritan wrestle with the guy AND the woman near the front door. 

Then the guy takes off to the back room, but he can't get the security door to open, so he returns to the store and the officer tases him.

Then the woman sneaks off to the back room and you see her climb INTO the ceiling.  But moments later, we're inside the store again and you see her FALL through the ceiling into a display case.  Other police arrive and put the cuffs on her.