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Tiger Woods & Phil Mickelson Showdown Prop Bets

Online bookies are already giving odds on the proposed Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson $10 million challenge.

July 12, 2018

It sounds like TIGER WOODS and PHIL MICKELSON are really going to play that $10 million winner-take-all round of golf.  So of course, the bookies are going to take all kinds of wagers.

Here are some of the things you can bet on at SportsBettingDime.com:

You can bet on the match itself, of course.  The odds of it actually happening are 1 to 2, which is about 67%.  If it does, Tiger is the favorite to win, at 2 to 3 odds.  Phil's odds are 3 to 2.

As for where it's happening, they're giving Nevada the best odds, 5 to 3.  It's followed by California, Hawaii, and New York.

They're giving 12 to 1 odds that it happens this August.  September, October, and November follow, in that order.

The chance that either Phil or Tiger gets penalized is 25 to 1 . . . and the chance either of them hits a hole-in-one is an astronomical 399 to 1.