Things We're Most Curious About In Our Partner's Relationship History

What are you curious about in your partner's relationship history?

July 31, 2018



You know your significant other had a sex life before they met you.  But . . . do you want to know about it?

Believe it or not, according to a new survey, 18% of people say NO, they don't want to know what their current partner did with other people.  But 53% say they want to know every last detail.  The rest of us fall somewhere in the middle.

And here are the top five things we want to know about...

1.  How many people they've had sex with.  56% of us are curious about it.

2.  How many people they've dated, 40%.

3.  What kind of freaky stuff they've done, 30%.

4.  Their funny or embarrassing sex stories, 23%.

5.  If they've been in a threesome or more, 22%.

The survey also found that 84% of people in long-term relationships say they've talked about at least one of those things. 

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