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The Signs That You Are In A Relationship And Not Just Dating

A new survey found the top signs when you're ready for a "relationship" and aren't just dating.

March 26, 2019

When you're seeing someone new, what's the cutoff point where you stop "dating" and you're now in a "relationship"?  A new survey found the average is about six weeks in.

Here are the top ten signs you're ready to call it a "relationship."

1.  You confide in each other.

2.  You've stopped dating other people.

3.  You told your family about them.

4.  They're all you think about.

5.  You're constantly talking on the phone, or texting.

6.  You've started thinking about your future with them.

7.  You really do want to know how their day was.  You're not just pretending.

8.  You told your friends about them.

9.  Your friends have MET them.

10.  Commitment doesn't scare you anymore.

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