Signs You're Addicted to TV

Here are the signs that you are ADDICTED to television...

September 21, 2018

(Photo by Brad Calkins/


A  new study found more than 40% of us think we're ADDICTED to watching TV.  Here are the top ten signs you might be a television addict...

1.  You own at least one massive TV.  The average flat screen is about 45 inches now.  So, probably bigger than that.

2.  You pay for things like Netflix and Hulu, AND you still have cable.  Things like the NFL package also count.

3.  Your TV is the focal point of your living room.

4.  You notice yourself talking about your favorite shows a lot.

5.  You check fan-sites or discuss shows online.

6.  You have a favorite spot on the couch.

7.  You tend to hog the remote.

8.  You get excited and plan out what you'll watch days or weeks ahead of time.

9.  You've lost sleep thinking about what'll happen in an upcoming episode.

10.  You stay up late a lot, because you can't stop binge-watching. 

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