The Richest "Self-Made" Women

Taylor Swift, Oprah, and Kylie Jenner are just a few of America's RICHEST self-made women.

July 12, 2018

(Photo by Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports)


"Forbes" has a list of America's richest SELF-MADE women.  Not everyone on the rich list is a household name, so here are the highlights...

#6:  Oprah, $3.1 billion

#27:  Kylie Jenner, $900 million

#36:  Madonna, $590 million

#46:  Celine Dion, $430 million

#48:  Judge Judy, $400 million.  And Barbra Streisand, also at $400 million.

#53.  Beyoncé, $355 million

#54.  Kim Kardashian, $350 million

#60.  Taylor Swift, $320 million

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