Look: Couple Sues Lifetime Christmas Movie Over Using Their Holiday Photo

A couple is suing Lifetime for calling their family UGLY in one of their Christmas movies.

January 11, 2019

(Photo by Paulus Rusyanto/Dreamstime.com)


Lifetime holiday movies are supposed to uplift us and fill us with joy.  But one that aired back in November was a huge lump of coal for one couple.

Their names are Setiam and Katherine Allah, and here's how Lifetime helped ruin their Christmas...

Setiam and Katherine took a photo with their kid to send out as a Christmas card, as many families do.  And somehow, someone at Lifetime got a hold of it, and used it in the movie "Christmas Harmony".


In the scene, a woman wants to put that card and another one up on the fridge, because she thinks they're "festive."  But her guy tells her not to because, quote, "They're ugly."

The Allahs say they were embarrassed when friends and family started calling to tell them they were in the movie.  They obviously didn't give Lifetime permission to use the photo, and have no idea how they even got it. 

They're suing for all the movie's profits. 

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