Can You Name Past Oscar Winners?

Are you one of the few that can actually NAME past Oscar winners?

January 16, 2019

(Photo by David Baratz-USA TODAY NETWORK)


In Hollywood, the Oscars are pretty much the most important thing there is.  Outside Hollywood?  Not so much.  Heck, most Americans can't even name the Best Picture winner from LAST YEAR.

It was "The Shape of Water", but in a new poll, only 20% of people knew that.

And only 20% named "La La Land" as the 2017 winner.  Which is funny, because it DIDN'T win.  It was INCORRECTLY announced as the winner, but the REAL Best Picture was "Moonlight".  And only 12% of Americans knew that.

It mostly gets worse after that.  Only 5% knew that "Spotlight" won in 2016, and only 9% correctly chose "Birdman" as the winner in 2015.

America slightly redeemed itself with 2014, though, with 17% knowing that "12 Years a Slave" was that year's Best Picture.

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