The Best Van Halen Songs

Are these really the BEST songs by Van Halen?

September 6, 2018

(Photo by Devin Simmons/AdMedia /Sipa USA)


Author Chuck Klosterman ranked all 131 of VAN HALEN's songs from worst to best.  And number 131 is kind of a shocker, since it's one of their biggest hits:  "Why Can't This Be Love".

The catch is that Klosterman doesn't actually think it's the worst Van Halen song.  His beef with it is that it was the first single off "5150" . . . the first album with SAMMY HAGAR. 

And Klosterman called that "the worst decision the band ever made" . . . because it gave people the wrong impression of what Van Halen with Sammy Hagar would be.

So the BEST 10 is ALMOST a shutout by Diamond Dave.  Here it is...

1.  "Eruption", from "Van Halen"  (1978)

2.  "Unchained", from "Fair Warning"  (1981)

3.  "Dance the Night Away", from "Van Halen 2"  (1979)

4.  "Panama", from "1984", (1984)

5.  "D.O.A.", from "Van Halen 2"  (1979)

6.  "Hot for Teacher", from "1984"  (1984)

7.  "You Really Got Me", from "Van Halen"  (1978)

8.  "Runnin' with the Devil", from "Van Halen"  (1978)

9.  "Romeo Delight", from "Women and Children First"  (1980)

10.  "5150", from "5150"  (1986)

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