America's Media Consumption

Americans spend 11 HOURS A DAY consuming media.

August 1, 2018

According to the latest numbers from Nielsen, Americans now spend an average of over 11 hours a day consuming media.

Radio is the most common form of media people take in . . . 92% of people listen to radio in an average week.  TV is second, at 88% . . . and smart phones are third, at 79%.  Here's how our 11 hours a day break down...

1.  Live TV, recorded TV, or a device like a Roku, 5.2 hours a day.

2.  Using your smart phone, 2.4 hours.

3.  Radio, 1.8 hours.

4.  Using a tablet, 0.8 hours.

5.  Using the computer for non-work purposes, 0.7 hours.

6.  Playing video games, 0.2 hours.

7.  Watching a DVD or Blu-Ray, 0.1 hours. 

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