America's Drinking Preferences

If you're hitting a bar this weekend, will you be drinking beer, wine, or liquor?

June 8, 2018



A new survey looked at millions of Instagram posts over the last year and a half to find out what each state's drinking preferences are.  Obviously Instagram is more popular with younger people.  So the stats are skewed in that direction.

But it found beer is the most popular drink in 48 states.  Wine is bigger in Mississippi and Kansas for some reason.  And it was a pretty even split in California and New York.  

Here are five more stats from the study...

1.  The states that prefer beer over wine the most are Vermont, Alaska, Maine, North Dakota, and Colorado.  Vermont had four times more posts about beer than wine.

2.  Red wine is a lot more popular than white.  New Mexico is the only state that had more Instagram posts about white wine than red.  Maybe because of the heat.

3.  Champagne is more popular in Nevada than any other state.  The five states that posted about it the most were Nevada, Hawaii, Louisiana, Florida, and Alaska.

4.  The states with the highest percentage of posts about MIXED DRINKS were Louisiana, Hawaii, New York, South Carolina, and Kentucky.

5.  And 43 states prefer vodka over whiskey.  The widest margins were in Delaware and Kentucky.  Delaware had about five times more posts about vodka.  And Kentucky had about five times more posts about whiskey. 

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