The Worst Things You Can Do On A First Date

Here are the WORST things you can do on a first date.

May 24, 2019

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A new survey asked over 1,200 people to name the WORST things you can do on a first date.  And texting or talking on your phone too much is #1.

Apparently it's even worse than looking nothing like the profile pic in your online dating profile.

The five worst things you can do on a first date are:  Using your phone too much . . . not looking like your profile pic . . . chewing too loudly . . . talking too much without asking questions . . . and showing up late.

The top five are a little different for men and women though:  25% of guys said taking photos of your food to post on social media is a huge turn-off.  And 25% of women said not offering to pay for dinner is one of the worst things men can do.

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